"Maple Park is an incredible example of how a crematorium should be. Welcoming, light, spacious and tranquil which has the effect of offering an uplifting experience to families and those attending services there at a time when they may feel in despair and sadness. The versatility of the space both inside the service hall and outside in the grounds means that it is possible to create a bespoke service where families don't feel rushed and are able to take the time to remember and often celebrate the life of someone so dear to them. As a celebrant I have been taking services at Maple Park since it opened, with the help and guidance of their incredibly caring and creative staff I have always been able to offer families the service they want for their loved one; small yet thoughtful details like sofa's at the front of the service hall mean that families can all sit together, I have often asked staff if the seating can be adapted to suit the individual families needs. A state of the art sound system and the sympathetic appearance and the dressing of the catafalque all adds to the feel of this place. I wish all my families could experience a place like Maple Park it really is a unique and special place and gives families what they are looking for in the 21st century when looking for a special place to say goodbye to the one they love. Anna Wallace, Independent Civil Celebrant "