Pricing list


Cremation fees

Adult cremation (45-min service) £1060
Reduced cremation* (30-min service) available on request £730
Direct cremation** (unattended) available on request £560
NVF/Under 24 weeks no service £0
NVF/Under 24 weeks with service £189

The above fees include:

  • All professional services relating to the administration and registration of the cremation, in line with statutory regulation.
  • The use of our Chapel
  • The provision of music during the funeral service (please contact us for details of our available options)
  • The sensitive handling of the cremation in line with environmental legislation
  • Certificate of cremation
  • Medical referee's fee

Memorial type





Columbarium Niche with one inscription (up to 2 sets of remains) 10 years £1060 20 years £2120
Family Garden, includes a Yorkshire Stone Boulder with one inscription (up to 4 sets of remains) 50 years £5300 N/A N/A
Yorkshire Stone Boulder with one inscription 10 years £785 20 years £1570
Stone planter, includes wooden plaque with one inscription (one set of remains only)  25 years £2500 N/A N/A
Digital Book of Remembrance 10 years £60 N/A N/A
Frieze Slate Plaque with one inscription 5 years £215 10 years £425
Reg’s garden Children’s memorial frieze slate plaque 5 years £215 10 years £425
Collection and re-laying of Yorkshire Stone boulder for additional inscription N/A £240 N/A N/A

Renewal prices available on request.

Additional memorial proof £1 per proof.

Additional inscription £4 per letter.

Miscellaneous Fees

Scattering of cremated remains from other Crematoria £85
Retention of remains per month (First month free) £28
Scatter tube £32
Additional Chapel time (1 hour) £340
Scattering of ashes £40

Obitus Media System

Webcast Live and On Demand £55
Single photo £0
Simple slideshow (up to 25 photos) £49
Music tribute (up to 25 photos) £75
Additional 25 photos £25
Tribute download link £16
Family supplied tribute £30
Tribute Keepsake (DVD, USB, Blu-ray/audio CD of stream/tribute/both) £60
Keepsake copy of visual tribute £30
Video book £95
Memory box £130
Additional work/late upload £25
Themed tribute £95
Extra single photo £15
Video book keepsake £50
Memory book keepsake £70

* Reduced Cremation can only be booked through the office, dependent on availability.

** Direct Cremation is an unattended service at 8.30am or 8.45am with no mourners present. Direct Cremation can only be booked through the office, dependent on availability.


Downloadable price leaflets are correct as of April 2024.

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